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Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the LDE certificate requirements?

  • The certificate requires the successful completion of three graduate-level courses in linguistics, teaching strategies and assessment.  Successful completion includes a grade of A or B in each course, and no Incompletes.

When must teachers complete the coursework required to obtain a certificate?

  • Successful completion of the coursework must occur by the end of the fall semester of a new licensed staff member’s third year.  For example, licensed personnel newly hired for the 2010-2011 school year must successfully complete the coursework by December 2012. TiR, CASEL and Teach for America staff will begin the coursework in the summer semester following their second year.  For example, if TiR, CASEL and TFA began in the 2010-2011 school year, they may enroll for coursework beginning Summer 2012.

When will the master schedule of coursework be available?

  • Click here for links to Summer 2017 courses available on our Professional Learning Web site,, or the ELA Web site,

    The Web site will provide information on how to select a university, how to select a course, course schedules, locations, orientation dates, registration information, expectations for graduate-level courses, and requirements for successful completion of the LDE Certificate as a Condition of Employment.

Can I take more than one course per semester?

  • You may register for only one course per semester.

Will APS offer any summer classes?

  • Yes, see our flyer for details.

If a teacher has already taken similar coursework, does this count toward the certificate?

  • Yes. The Division of Human Resources carefully examines transcripts for all licensed new hires to determine if courses previously taken meet the content requirements of linguistics, teaching strategies and assessment for English language learners.  You will be notified if you have taken courses that meet the certificate requirements.  You will not have to repeat a course that you have already taken.

How will APS determine which staff members already meet the certificate requirements?

  • The Division of Human Resources has compiled a list of appropriate courses from all of the universities attended by new hires by comparing college catalog course descriptions to the Regis course descriptions.

Is the LDE certificate program available to tenured, licensed staff members?

  • There will be limited slots for current employees. Priority will be given to licensed personnel hired under the LDE Certificate as a COE requirement. Another priority group is current ELA teacher leaders or demonstration classroom teachers who do not have the certificate.  A third priority group is teachers working in highly impacted schools. 

Is the LDE certificate program available to teachers at APS charter schools?

  • Charter school teachers may participate in LDE certificate courses.  Since charter schools are responsible for paying for the tuition, fees and texts, charter school teachers will need written agreements stating that all costs will be paid by their school.

If a staff member fails or withdraws from any of the courses, will he/she have an opportunity to retake the course?

  • Each staff member will have one opportunity to successfully complete the certificate with tuition, fees and texts paid for by APS. Retaking courses will be at the staff member’s expense. 

Are there any circumstances in which a staff member would be required to provide a refund to the district for coursework (for example, if a teacher leaves APS employment during the three-year period)?

  • The purpose of building the knowledge and skills of APS staff members for Linguistically Diverse Learning is to benefit APS students.  The expectation is that staff who benefit from this training will commit to teaching long term in APS.  However, staff members who leave APS employment will not be required to refund the district.

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